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Our philosophy is simple: be accountable for our actions and provide the ultimate experience in customer satisfaction.

Whether you need residential, commercial or multifamily restoration services, Vineyard Restoration’s experience will cut out the frustration of dealing with your insurance company and subcontractors, saving you both time and money.

Our team knows the industry so well, we’re able to easily act as your “claims manager” with the insurance company.

Because Vineyard specializes in full service restorations, we can respond to damage wreaked by Mother Nature as fast as one hour after is happens, and we can have carriers onsite in a maximum of four hours salvage time. From natural disasters to mold remediation and more, Vineyard offer a complete solution to get repairs done quickly and within budget.


Based on our vast experience with restoration projects, Vineyard understand insurance company requirements. We make sure that your carrier writes the appropriate scope of work. Our team knows the industry so well, we’re able to easily act as your “claims manager” with the insurance company.

Our Restoration Services

· Structure Cleaning
· Deodorization
· Dehumidification
· Desiccant/Refrigerant Drying
· Anti-Microbial Product Application
· Cleaning and Decontamination of HVAC Systems
· Wet Document and Vital Records Recovery and Restoration Including Freeze Drying Services
· Removal and Disposal of Wet Materials
· Content Cleaning and Manipulation and Inventory
· Pack out Moving and Storage
· Emergency Power

· 24-Hour Emergency Response
· Rapid Response and Mobilization
· Wind related exterior building envelope damage I.E, Tornado, Hurricane, Hail
· Interior Build Out/Repair full interior general contractor
· Water damage restoration
· Selective demolition and Heavy Demolition
· Fire damage restoration
· Emergency Board-Up
· General and Licensed Mold Remediation
· Catastrophe Management

We Stand by four key promises that ensure your restoration is being done right:

Industry Experts

Our team is made up of industry experts, like independent insurance adjusters, HAAG certified roofing inspectors and IICRC trained technicians. We know what to look for the your claim handled correctly.


Efficient Technology

We use technology that allows call routing to directly interface with technicians in real time. This lets Vineyard’s restoration team respond quickly and get to work right away.


Fast Processing

We utilize iPads to manage claims- photos are taken immediately and information is trafficked directly into the system, which means your claim get processed fast.


Current Equipment

Our equipment is current, so structures and materials are salvaged faster and better in order to prevent material loss and permanent damage.